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Innovative Technologies For Retail And Health

Technology 360’s mission is to help our clients succeed through the power of innovative technology
We work with clients in Retail, Pharmacy, Liquor, Audiology Clinics, Medical Centres, Logistics, Supply Chain and Warehousing who want to get their businesses future ready to stay ahead of the competition
We turn the possible into reality, and bring the future into the here and now. We deliver successful outcomes through the combination of Artificial intelligence and Human Intelligence
The Technology 360 Group is a portfolio of companies that share a culture of curiosity, integrity, agility and prosperity
We dream – visualising the future,
thinking big
We develop – cutting edge technology solutions and partnerships

We deliver – elevating customer experience and business profitability

'Our focus is building technologies
and teams at scale'

Geoff Olds

Managing Director

Client Success Through
Endless Innovation

Success in retail and health is all about staying ahead of ever-
changing customer demands, and consistently improving
operational excellence. To stand out, you need more than ‘me too’
mature technology – you need innovation and future thinking.

FS Logo
Future Shop
Innovative solutions for future-proof stores. Helping retailers to drive up profitability and differentiate their customer experience.
Distribution X
Bringing together the world’s best retail
 and health technology from our
partners worldwide.
Technology FX
Managing our clients’ technology so they
can focus on customer service
and business growth.

Our leadership team

Our focus is building technologies
teams at scale
Geoff Olds
Geoff Olds

Managing Director

Aaron Upcroft
Aaron Upcroft

Chief Executive Officer

Andy Baker
Andy Baker

Chief Operations Officer

James Watts
James Watts

Chief Technology Officer

Craig Alderson
Craig Alderson

Director of Partnership

Adam Gould
Adam Gould

Director of Business Development

Ken Choi
Ken Choi

APAC Development Director

Jim Wood
Jim Wood

Head of Infrastructure

Our activity

Our leaders bring their expertise and experience to:

Our operations cover Australia, New Zealand,
Philippines and Southeast Asia.

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